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February 21, 2013

EMH Healthcare Migrates Records to Mobile Vitals Plus

Ohio-based EMH Healthcare has migrated its records to Mobile Vitals Plus (MVP), a product of medical device connectivity provider Capsule Tech and enterprise healthcare information technology solution Siemens Soarian, in their medical surgery unit. Data Captor software powers the communication between medical devices.

Charlotte Wray, the vice president of clinical operations and information systems for EMH Healthcare, said in a recent statement that the company had been looking for a way to move data directly from monitors to the patient record, without the use of paper, typing or transcription. Mobile Vitals Plus, she says, was immediately embraced.

“Our nurses and patient care technicians began using the units immediately, and they started requesting the ability to monitor additional variables beyond vital signs,” Wray said. The potential impact on quality of care and patient safety, she says, is exciting.

Mobile Vitals Plus touts itself as being “designed with nurses, by nurses,” perhaps accounting for its immediate popularity with EMH staff. The system makes the job of nurses far easier, automatically capturing information collected by taking vitals. The company’s marketing materials explain, “Validation and transmission of those vitals are done right from the point of care, before you ever leave the patient’s bedside, and without you having to carry another handheld device or log into another workstation.”

Such systems are exciting for healthcare systems and medical professional alike, as rounds are made easier, the opportunity to lose devices is eliminated and patient care is improved. As such systems are implemented, patients, too, have a great deal to look forward to: their nurses can spend more time tending to them and their needs, rather than completing paperwork. As technology improves the medical field more and more, people can start anticipating a higher standard of care on the horizon, and medical professionals can anticipate a workplace that is unfettered by trivialities, one that allows them to do what they entered the profession to do in the first place: care for people.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey

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