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February 20, 2013

Robert Bosch Healthcare Systems and GreatCall to Release Mobile Healthcare Apps

Robert Bosch Healthcare Systems, Inc. and GreatCall, Inc. have joined forces in a strategic move to bring a suite of next-generation solutions to its clients. The healthcare company and wireless services company will partner up on a project to develop and market a new line of mobile telehealth and m-health solutions.

“The partnership combines Bosch’s evidence-based telehealth solutions, which provide patients with valuable disease/condition knowledge and reinforcement to improve their self-management skills, with GreatCall’s expertise in developing wireless health are safety solutions for older consumers and their families,” the companies said in a joint statement.

As the surge of smartphone use continues to dominate consumers, it made sense that healthcare professionals would begin to see the health market get flooded with mobile applications designed to do everything from check blood pressure to monitoring weight loss.

The trend has caught on as many healthcare facilities have begun to look into going paperless. Soon, patients’ medical records will be available at the click of a button and instead of leaving with a prescription; the doctor will be able to e-mail you a copy that can be retrieved at any time from your phone.

Hospitals and doctors are embracing this new trend. Bosch Group and GreatCall are just forging a partnership to take the next step in healthcare’s evolution.

“Today, many older persons are active and are looking for a telehealth solution that travels,” said Jasper zu Putlitz, M.D., president of Bosch Healthcare Systems. “In partnering with GreatCall, we will be able to leverage GreatCall’s expertise in mobile technology and Bosch’s evidence-based telehealth approach in order to offer our customers mobile telehealth solutions.”

Although David Inns, president and CEO of GreatCall, would not elaborate on the details of the partnership and the applications the companies are working on, he did say that this deal would be revolutionary. “Telehealth and m-health solutions can provide vast benefits to patients, their families and their healthcare providers,” said Inns. “Our partnership with Bosch Healthcare is a significant milestone for the industry and will help make the promise of broad adoption of these solutions a reality.”

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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