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February 20, 2013

Harris Interactive Marks Changes in Healthcare Industry

With the mobile health (mHealth) trend underway and new advancements technology has helped the industry discover to potentially cure cancer, it is fair to say that there is a lot of activity going on in the healthcare industry.

There is activity going on at Harris Interactive that has brought attention to the healthcare sector of its firm, starting with its announcement that Matt Knoek and Sharon Albert as Senior Vice President, Healthcare and Vice President, Marketing, respectively, to bolster the company’s Healthcare Group.

Harris Interactive is one of the most renowned market research firms that offer a range of insights into a range of industries like healthcare, technology, energy, public affairs, telecommunications, retail and insurance worldwide. In fact, the healthcare industry already accounts for 40 percent of Harris Interactives’ annual market research.

Knoek and Albert both come from background with more than 15 years experience reaching and marketing in the healthcare sector. By Harris Interactive creating these new positions and hiring people of such stature, it seems that the healthcare has become a leading sector in its research community.

 “The healthcare industry is undergoing substantial transformation. The organizations that will be successful in this changing landscape must be forward facing, nimble and innovative,” said Knoeck. “I believe that Harris Interactive is such an organization, and I am excited to help shape the company’s evolving healthcare practice.”

And Knoeck is certainly correct.

The healthcare industry is changing, starting with the mHealth trend, which is being embraced by medical fields and research companies who are using the creation in social entertainment to enhance the quality of healthcare. Mobile apps like HysterSisters, which help women undergoing hysterectomies and HeartDecide, an informative platform to help users monitor their heart conditions, are widely accepted by the industry.

The Healthspot Station, on the other hand, is using technological discovers to create a digitally infused, private walk-in kiosk that offers patients access diagnosis and treatment. From a worldly perspective, this new station could potentially bring healthcare to countries that lack it and help children in third-world countries who’ve never even seen a doctor before.

As the world continues to change from the new advancements and technological innovations, the healthcare industry will undergo massive changes that will ultimately be reflected in the market, which is why companies like Harris Interactive has begun to play close attention to the changing platforms and marketing trends.

Edited by Amanda Ciccatelli

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