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February 20, 2013

SMART Software Chose IceWarp to Replace Microsoft Exchange

Every business is looking for an efficient, fast-running solution for its day-to-day operations, and one of the biggest factors when choosing a product is its cost, which proved to be the main concern for SMART Management when it began looking for an E-mail infrastructure.

SMART Management was using Microsoft Exchange 2010 and had no issue with the product until one of the organizations that it manages, Discovery House, was having trouble with the 2003 version. Although the program only needed to be updated, the cost made this option unfeasible, which is how SMART Management came to adopt Microsoft Exchanges’ alternative IceWarp.

SMART Management is a software division that helps healthcare facilities and clinics streamline their operations through the latest discoveries in technology, with its main goal being the paperless solution. It also has created innovation solutions for appointment scheduling, admission information, drug test, cash collections and 3rdparty billing, while also managing Discovery House, an addiction program.

Icewarp is a provider of messaging solutions for businesses and was chosen by SMART Management because of its all-in-one philosophy and incorporation of all mobile platforms, including mobile, video, voice, chat and E-mail.

 “From one server console you can really see and access just about anything that’s going on in the e-mail system,” said Mr. Mason Snyder, network administrator at SMART Management. “The logging is incredibly powerful – sessions, statistics, queues. It’s all in one place, if I need something, I can get to it quickly. In IceWarp everything is at the fingertips and I really like that. Plus, it’s a very stable product, and its directory has everything backed up.”

Icewarp has the ability storing information in a single entity rather than having to launch different consoles for every feature. By purchasing ActiveSync licenses, SMART Management has been able to connect its employees to their corporate E-mails from every mobile device, thus promoting the BYOD trend.  Icewarp has proven to be the most favored solution on the market for SMART Management.

Edited by Amanda Ciccatelli

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