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February 19, 2013

TOA Technologies Offers Mobile Healthcare Solution For At Home Patients

Health facilities have been struggling to offer the best patient care possible while trying to keep costs low at the same time. It’s a constant battle for health care providers, as a lot of times, quality and cost go hand-in-hand. So how does a company continue to offer the best in patient care without breaking the bank?

One industry struggling with this very problem is the home health and medical services industry. After a medical condition or illness is treated in a hospital, patients return home to recover. Although they want to feel as independent as possible, they need to still remain in contact with their healthcare provider. As technology advances, so does the way one can communicate.

Many have looked to field service management solutions as a way to organize employees and meet the increasing demands from at home patients. One organization, TOA Technologies, plans to showcase its latest innovation at the Field Service Medical event in San Diego, California. The company, which will have a booth today and tomorrow, plans on introducing its new predictive and patient-centric platform.

“Since we founded TOA Technologies, our focus has always been to enable service organizations across all industries to deliver the best customer experience possible,” said Yuval Brisker, founder and CEO of TOA Technologies. “We are now extending this focus and the deep knowledge we have to serve a market for which excellent care is simply imperative – the mobile health and medical services industry.”

TOA worked hard on providing a revolutionary product to offer its clients. After implementation, clients can expect everything from time-based reporting of their mobile employees, predictive profiles, self-learning software and customer-focused communication techniques.

In addition, healthcare organizations can reduce drive time by over a half an hour, increase productivity by 10-15 percent, meet safety goals and stay compliant.

“TOA’s patented predictive technology, the engine behind its ETAdirect solution, helps organizations achieve a laser focus on the patient – simultaneously increasing efficiencies, reducing costs, and maintaining compliance with patient care guidelines,” said Brisker. “It optimizes and personalizes the routing and scheduling of work to ensure each mobile healthcare employee is dispatched to care for the right patient, at the right time.”

TOA Technologies will showcase its latest platform at booth #1 on Feb. 19-21 at the Field Service Medical Event in San Diego, California.

Edited by Allison Boccamazzo

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