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February 19, 2013

Physician Interactive, Greenway Medical Technologies to Provide Cost-Savings with eCoupon

Medical care is expensive, and there is no light at the end of the tunnel regarding some stopgap measure to halt this rise. Healthcare providers understand it simply cannot continue like this, and thus, have been working on different measures to provide consumers with tools and services to curb the cost of medical care and medications.

In light of this, Physicians Interactive (PI), a provider of online and mobile clinical resources and solutions for healthcare professionals, and Greenway Medical Technologies, Inc., a provider of integrated electronic health records (EHR) and ambulatory healthcare, have come together to bring eCoupon.

The eCoupon voucher and coupon distribution platform will be available to users of the Greenway PrimeSUITE solution for clinicians that use the ePrescribing software. Using these tools will give everyone in healthcare a tool to try and introduce solutions for medication cost savings.

The benefit of having eCoupon integrated into Greenway’s PrimeSUITE software is clinicians will be able to assess and provide answers based on direct interactions with each patient. This improves the quality of care the patient receives while at the same time helping them with the cost of treatment through support programs and direct access to medication cost savings.

Addressing the problem of taking medications properly and filling prescriptions on time by patients is long overdue. In fact, the problem adds an additional $100 billion to the healthcare spending in the U.S. By keeping track of how patients adhere to filling their first and second prescription, healthcare providers will be able to provide solutions for each individual to make the process more efficient, and in the process, save costs.

As the number of electronic prescriptions starts overtaking traditional forms of writing a prescription, the eCopoupon solution can be used to provide coupon and copay options while they are within the same PrimeSUITE system. In short, reducing paperwork makes systems more efficient, which translates to cost saving measures that can be passed on to the patient.

The process is completed in four easy steps by the healthcare provider. First, the medication is selected and a check is made if the patient qualifies for a coupon or voucher. Second, a if a coupon is available for the medication, it is displayed on the Script Pad. Third, when the script is processed, the eCoupon is sent to the pharmacy automatically and it can be available for future refills. Fourth, when the patient goes to the pharmacy to pick up their prescription, the saving will be included.

"Greenway is a recognized leader in delivering integrated, advanced ambulatory IT solutions that help providers engage and empower healthcare consumers and deliver more efficient and effective care. ePrescribing has been shown to improve medication adherence rates. Adding eCoupon to PrimeSUITE's innovative features will help ensure that patients fill their prescriptions and should lead to improved health outcomes," said Sam Holliday, Greenway VP of PrimeRESEARCH.

Edited by Allison Boccamazzo

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