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February 19, 2013

AMC Health Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary

Since first opening its doors for business, AMC Health has been providing a better quality of life for health patients and this week the company is ecstatic to celebrate its ten year anniversary.

"It's been gratifying to see how AMC Health's momentum and market penetration have grown steadily over the past decade," said Nesim Bildirici, CEO and founder.

For ten years, AMC Health has continued to develop effective and innovative remote patient monitoring systems. It all started when Bildirici saw the lack of coordination and proper in-home monitoring resources at his disposal when having to care for his ailing father Gabriel.

Unfortunately, Gabriel would eventually succumb to congestive heart failure and since then, Bildirici has made it a point to improve patient health and quality of life, hospital re-admission rates and healthcare utilization.

"As our healthcare system transitions to value-based purchasing, it makes sense to ensure that all patients who would benefit from a telehealth program have access to these services. Remote monitoring helps patients stay healthier, reduces overall healthcare spending, mitigates the growing primary care physician shortage and enhances post-hospitalization care coordination," Bildirici added.

Although Bildirici initially founded AMC Health to provide a new standard of in-home monitoring, the company has expanded over the course of its ten years and offers patients many different services. The company now offers end-to-end telehealth solutions that improve care coordination and reduce health costs.

It has also had several of its outcomes research published in big name magazines like Medical Care and Journal of Managed Care Medicine. Some of AMC’s research has also been presented at the American Heart Association along with several other conferences.

Bildirici has been able to reduce the rate of 30-day hospital readmissions by nearly 20 percent and even lowered hemoglobin A1c levels in diabetes patients by nearly two percent.

“Our first decade has been rewarding and exciting, but the next 10 years promise explosive growth and even greater opportunities,” added Bildirici.

Edited by Rich Steeves

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