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February 19, 2013

Katalus Changes Name After Shifting Focus from Healthcare Consulting to Software

Katalus announced on Thursday that it has changed its name to PeerIntel. The change comes after people at Katalus, which previously functioned as a consultant in the healthcare industry, found that existing technology was not available to solve common, but important problems. The Alpine, Utah-based company decided to develop software solutions to address these problems.

A look at the previous website shows that Katalus wasted no time making this change. Upon visiting, you see no content other than a link to the new website.

The two software solutions the company develops are Reaction and

Reaction captures feedback from patients, sold as a cost-effective solution that provides accurate feedback quickly and the ability to see results in real-time. It has multiple language capability and can be run from iPhone, iPad, Android and Microsoft Phone devices. Customers use Reaction as an app on their mobile device while data is stored and processed in the cloud. is a Web application that also runs in the cloud, allowing executives to determine the cost of ownership for EHR systems. It was designed in response to shortcomings that PeerIntel found in costing models. Currently in beta, is set for release later in 2013.

In spite of the shift in focus, it appears that PeerIntel is not abandoning its consulting roots altogether. Their website shows that they provide services such as helping healthcare organizations with improving customer experience and using the feedback to create profitable opportunities and new products and services. A blog and executive briefs are published on the website for those who want to read more.

The impression that PeerIntel creates is that of a small, but ‘lean and mean’ company that identifies opportunities and capitalizes on them quickly. With technology changing at such a rapid pace, their business model may serve as a template for others to follow, especially if Reaction and become widely adopted in the healthcare industry.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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