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February 12, 2013

Wolters Kluwer Health Helping Health Institutions Achieve JBI Endorsement

Healthcare institutions and individual doctors receive their certification in their particular field to let patients and colleagues know their level of expertise and qualification. This process involves being evaluated by the appropriate governing bodies to ensure the expertise being claimed is valid. Getting the right endorsement from a globally recognized organization lets consumers know a healthcare provider has met and passed strict guidelines for research, patient care and other criteria. The Joanna Briggs Institute (JBI) collaborates with 70 organizations around the world for the improvement of healthcare outcomes globally.

The institute has an approach to evidence- based healthcare in which it considers the research evidence at point-of-contact with the patient or client. This includes individual patient preference, judgment of the healthcare giver and the context in which care is given. The program for the endorsement, which is administered and managed by JBI, follows a set of criteria to ensure an institution is committed in maintaining a high level of care that is based on the evidence-based approach to healthcare practice.

The endorsement is given to organizations capable of demonstrating their healthcare practice to everyone involved in the care of a patient including family members, staff and the community at large. This capability has to be recognized by an independent body to the accrediting body regarded as a world leader in advancing evidence-based practice.

The Wolster Kluwer Health is global provider of information in the healthcare industry serving more than 150 countries. It provides information services for medical professionals, institutions and medical students and other health related fields. As the exclusive distribution channel for JBI’s evidence-based practice (EBP) it supports those institutions that want to receive the JBI Endorsement program for the promotion and practice of evidence-based policy.

The complete solution for the endorsement is available on Ovid for global institutions with tools to help healthcare providers translate and implement this discipline into practice. The JBI suite has 10 tools to help practitioners in the entire process from appraising evidence, synthesis and implementation and the evaluation of the outcome of each patient being treated.

The tools as outlined in the JBI Suite are:

•             JBI TAP (Thematic Analysis Program) — Supports researchers in the synthesis of qualitative studies analysis

•             JBI CAN–IMPLEMENT — Guides in the adaptation of EBP guidelines for local use

•             JBI Journal Club — Provides group learning and discussion on appraising research articles

•             JBI RAPID (Rapid Appraisal Protocol Internet Database) — A tool for healthcare providers and researchers to use to rapidly appraise a research study and determine if it should be implemented in practice

•             JBI SUMARI (System for the Unified Management of the Assessment and Review of Information) — A rigorous evidence synthesis system to be used to develop systematic reviews

•             JBI PACES (Practical Application of Clinical Evidence System) — A clinical audit system to be used by healthcare providers at point of care

•             JBI POOL (Patient Outcomes Online) and JBI COOL (Client Outcomes Online) — Easy-to-use tools for the collection and storage of patient/client outcomes data

•             JBI Manual Builder — Helps users build an evidence-based clinical manual

•             JBI Pamphlet Builder — Enables healthcare providers to assemble evidence-based information pamphlets for patients

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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