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February 05, 2013

MMRGlobal and Interbit Data Install Newest PHR Portal

MMRGlobal’s wholly owned subsidiary company, MyMedicalRecords Inc. (MMR), and Interbit Data announced on Monday that its Personal Health Record (PHR) and patient portal went live at Sturgis Hospital, a Michigan-based, 5-star Acute-Care hospital.

“After spending millions of dollars around the world on patent prosecution, MMR is successfully signing license agreements that are generating revenue,” said Bob Lorsch, CEO of MMRGlobal, in a statement.

MMRGlobal’s PHR is the first of its kind to be designed, built and installed by Interbit using its NetDelivery secure location, and is certified for Meaningful Use well in advance of Stage 2 requirements. NetDelivery Meaningful Use allows you to securely distribute reports from your HCIS to multiple recipients and locations via fax, encrypted print stream, encrypted file or email. This HIPAA compliant and Meaningful Use certified report distribution product can help you increase efficiency to reduce costs and enhance patient service.

 "Our Interbit-MMR solution is the first of its kind that results in patients having an untethered PHR which seamlessly integrates with a hospital's MEDITECH EMR system as well as with any other healthcare professional anywhere in the world,” Arthur Young, President of Interbit, said in the statement. “We are very excited by the ability we have created for the hospital staff to effortlessly send the patient's data to the MMR portal, and, more than just meeting Meaningful Use requirements, begins to facilitate patients' ability to manage and control their own health information."

A patent license agreement between MMR and Interbit Data gives Interbit the rights to IP contained in seven MMR patents, offering nearly 400 claims pertaining to the access and provisioning of PHR, Electronic Health Records and other MMR IP bundled with NetDelivery for Interbit clients.

 "The Interbit-MMR solution allows patients to have immediate access to their medical records to share them with their primary care physician and specialists after discharge from the hospital,” said Lorsch, “this streamlines care, reducing medical costs and exposure to readmissions." 

MMR’s international patent portfolio includes Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Mexico, Canada, Europe, Israel, South Korea and Japan.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey

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