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February 05, 2013

Former Technology Executive Learns the Secrets to a Happy Life

Imagine yourself as an executive at one of the top healthcare startups in the country. On the outside, everything about your professional life looks perfect. But in the mornings, you’re waking up and feeling shooting pains throughout your body.

You also feel a weighty sense of dread about getting up and going to work.

Luther Cale, a former executive for HealthStream, had this exact experience. So he left his job as an executive and spent 10 years uncovering the secrets of health and happy living. Best of all, he’s giving up his secrets for free. You can download his e-book, 33 Ways to Reboot Your Life, for free on February 5-6 from

Before publishing his book, Cale wrote blog entries for each of his 33 ideas. His strategy? Pick three, just three. Do them for 30 days. Watch your life change.

“People are busy,” Cale said about the book release. “People are tired. They want to feel connected. They want to feel purpose. People are looking for the one or two things they can do on a regular basis that can help them get ahead. That help them get back that spring in their step. That help them feel in alignment in all areas of their lives.”

Some of Cale’s 33 ideas are pretty accessible. One of his tips is to establish a morning routine. He recommends activities not related to getting ready for work, such as sitting in nature, meditating or stretching, or writing down the three most important things that you should do today that will move you closer to your dream life.

Some Cale’s other tips, like doing a Vipassana meditation retreat, selling all of your “crap” until your possessions fit in a single bag and then literally clearing out your crap with—gulp—a series of colonics, may not be as realistic for other people.

Cale does have a point, though: Life is short, and you should live to your full potential.

And if his advice doesn’t work, don’t worry. At least you got it for free.

Edited by Braden Becker

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