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February 01, 2013

Intel-GE Care Innovations Announces New Upgrades

When two giants in their respective industries come together to provide a service to better the community, it should be applauded and encouraged. Intel-GE Care Innovations is addressing the cost of medical care and a segment of the population that is growing at a very fast rate – the elderly.

The Baby Boom generation from 1946 through 1964 produced 76 million people and starting in 2011 they started retiring. And this group will retire at a rate of 8,000 a day for the next 18 years, meaning they will turn 65. This number is alarming, and if you’re one of the boomers, you have to take care of yourself by taking advantage of all the tools available at your disposal, including cutting-edge technology.

The joint venture between Intel Corporation and General Electric is not designed for a specific demographic. The tools it makes available can be used by everyone to improve medical care across the board. The aim of the venture is to create solutions by developing standards, integration and accelerating innovation for everyone.

It is especially useful for providing independent living for the aging segment of our society around the world affecting many developed countries.

Telehealth is seen as one of the ways healthcare providers will be able to reign in the uncontrollable medical expenses facing consumers every day. By keeping track of patients remotely, healthcare practitioners can monitor biometric data and provide suggestions for living a healthier lifestyle. This type of monitoring lets doctors find potentially catastrophic medical conditions in the early stage.

Early diagnosis of any disease provides a better prognosis for the patient and saves healthcare providers large amount of money associated with treatment, therapy and long-term care.

The improvement for Care Innovations and its remote healthcare management includes the creation of a new informative website called Briefing Center and an upgrade to Innovations Guide – the remote care management platform.

Briefing Center is primarily designed to inform health plan representatives the benefits of remote care management. It provides all the information someone needs to implement remote care for everyone from healthcare professionals to individuals who have loved ones that might need this type of service.

The upgrade to the Innovations Guide includes home installations, video conferencing and improved response time between the patient, healthcare provider and emergency responders.

“Health plans are at the forefront of rethinking the cost/care/access dilemma. Our job as a technology partner is to help them through that process with continuous innovation and end-to-end professional services. With our latest upgrades and the launch of the Remote Care Briefing Center, we’re committed to delivering meaningful resources to help payers better understand the business value that remote care management brings to their organizations and members,” said James Pursley, vice president of sales and marketing at Care Innovations.

Edited by Braden Becker

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