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February 01, 2013

Premier Healthcare Alliance Provides Members with Yellow Pages Deal

The Premier Healthcare Alliance is dedicated to reducing the costs of their members and improving the quality of care provided by their members. With more than 2,700 hospitals, more than 56,000 ‘non-acute healthcare facilities (ambulatory surgery centers, long-term care, and nursing homes), and more than 34,000 physician offices, their network is vast.. 

It holds a great deal of potential for any contractor they select, and BVK Direct is the most recent addition to their roster of contractors.

Now, that large network will be able to benefit from a new agreement for Yellow Pages advertising that was awarded to Carlsbad-based BVK Direct Inc., enabling it to reach its potential patients who still “let their fingers do the walking.” BVK Direct is a full-service direct media placement agency, whose services, among other services, both traditional and digital, include print yellow pages placement, which it touts “the original search engine” and notes that it “remains a constant and steady platform to drive consumers to your business.”

The Premier Healthcare Alliance has countless strategic alliances to benefit its members, which officials announce on a near-daily basis. Some other recent contracts awarded include: a new agreement with Agfa Healthcare Corp. for computed radiography, an agreement with EndoChoice for gastrointestinal devices and supplies, and a three-year purchasing agreement with Integra LifeSciences Holding Corporation for laparoscopic instruments, neuro/spine instruments, and reconstructive and plastic surgery instruments and sterilization containers. 

Interested contractors can find their complete bid calendar on the Premier website. 

With 40 pages of upcoming bids, every aspect of the healthcare industry, from nursing to telecom to food service, is covered.

BVK Direct is just one of the many partnerships it forms in order to achieve its aims of saving clients costs and improving the standard of care for patients. Although the official announcement was not made until the 30th, the statement regarding the Yellow Pages contracted noted that the agreement was available to accurate care and continuum care members, effective January 1.

Edited by Braden Becker

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