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January 28, 2013

BlueCross BlueShield Partners with TriZetto to Provide Members with Value-Based Benefits

BlueCross BlueShield has teamed up with healthcare IT company TriZetto to offer incentives and rewards to its members for healthy behaviors.

Through TriZetto's value-based insurance design, BlueCross members will be provided with benefits based on their health status and the activities they engage in that promote health and wellness. The solution allows BlueCross to automate and streamline tasks without extensive manual effort, thus decreasing the risk of errors and delays, as well the ability to distribute gift cards as incentives to members that qualify.

“The most compelling advantage we saw in TriZetto’s Value-Based Benefits Solution was that we could easily offer the solution to our employer customers without customizing the IT configuration of each group,” Helen Cansler, IT manager of sales and marketing systems at BlueCross, said in a statement.

BlueCross credits TriZetto's consulting team with helping them easily transition into the new system.

“The consultants helped us understand the solution and then configure the system to facilitate the design of new benefit plans and future value-based programs,” Tracy Thomas, product manager at BlueCross, said in a statement. “TriZetto consultants worked with us to use the system not only for our initial programs, but showed us how we can use the solution moving forward. We created different scenarios and considered incentive designs that our customers desired. Then, together, we walked through how to configure the system. Ultimately, this process enabled us to help each other improve the overall solution.”

BlueCross BlueShield's integration with TriZetto is said to make BlueCross stand out among other healthcare providers.

“Employer groups increasingly are asking that payer organizations provide value-based products,” Sal Gentile, president of TriZetto's Blue Cross and Blue Shield market organization, added. “TriZetto’s Value-Based Benefits Solution has provided BlueCross with a competitive edge. While many of its competitors administer incentives, BlueCross goes a step further, thanks to TriZetto’s solution, adjusting members’ cost-share at the individual level. That’s a competitive differentiator for the health plan.”

In other related news, Health Services for Children With Special Needs, Inc. recently selected TriZetto's integrated solutions to help deliver benefits and care to its patients, as well as enable expansion of its services.

Edited by Allison Boccamazzo

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