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January 23, 2013

Voxiva's Care4Life to Feature American Diabetes Association Content

Mobile health services provider Voxiva recently updated Care4life, its diabetes self-management program, in order to feature content from numerous American Diabetes Association publications.

The new version of Care4life will provide healthy recipes, nutrition tips, weight and exercise and disease management information from these publications through the program's text messaging and mobile web services.

"We are excited to be working with Voxiva to share content from some of our leading diabetes publications through this innovative new program," Abe Ogden, director of Book Publishing for the American Diabetes Association, said in a statement. "Care4life will help us reach a new demographic and population in a new way, and, we hope, really help to support and educate people through the journey of managing their diabetes."

The company revamped its platform as way to provide the resources necessary to help individuals achieve a healthy lifestyle.

"Offering this outstanding content from the American Diabetes Association adds great value to our comprehensive diabetes support program, and there's no better time to launch than at the start of the new year when people are looking to set new goals and get healthier," Justin Sims, CEO of Voxiva added.

According to ongoing studies, 85 percent of people who use Care4life have become more knowledgeable on diabetes and how to property manage the condition, as well as has helped to improve their memory in regards to taking medications and attending doctor appointments. Additionally, 86 percent of users reported that Care4life helped them set and achieve health goals while 97 percent of users said they would recommend the program to other people with diabetes.

Theresa Garnero, who originally developed Care4life's text messages, said the program will offer a more comprehensive view of diabetes.

"It is the daily reinforcement that is so unique about care4life," Garnero concluded. "Interactive text messaging, combined with an online log that is built one text message at a time, will reinforce the guidance provided by the patient's educator and care team."

Edited by Jamie Epstein

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