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January 23, 2013

Prodea Systems Deploys Advanced Digital Healthcare Services in Europe

Prodea Systems, which provides economical and quality healthcare using the advanced e-health platform, plans to commence distribution of its European e-Health services, as part of the healthcare systems Action Plan by the European Commission. 

Accordingly, Prodea is teaming up with the Government of Cantabria, Spain to launch Digital Healthcare in Europe, which puts patients in control of their diseases and wellness.

In Spain, the 83 billion Euro healthcare costs, constitutes more than 30 percent of its Annual National budget. Deployment of the e-Health services by Prodea would almost bring this down by 20 to 30 percent by way of innovative technology. In addition, such a move would also manage the three chronic conditions that accounts for 70 percent of healthcare costs incurred, namely diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular deficiencies.

"With our innovative technology, Prodea Systems brings healthcare closer to people and improves the efficiency and quality of healthcare systems. We found in Santander the perfect place to showcase our advance and comprehensive eHealth solution and to demonstrate its benefits to the world. We thank the Government of Cantabria for enabling us to participate in the opportunity to make this vision a reality," said Dr. Anousheh Ansari, chief executive officer of Prodea Systems.

Prodea is also partnering with a few selected local health organizations in its mission to create a complete network of e-health services centered in Cantabria and Santander, rapidly growing hubs for information technology and innovation in the medical field, which makes them the ideal locations for the launch of Prodea eHealth platform, and the gateway to distribute the services in Spain and elsewhere.

“e-Health is one of the most innovative areas, and Santander is becoming a hotbed to test and deploy new technologies. We welcome the opportunity to work with Prodea Systems as a long term partner to take steps in realizing the vision of a better and more cost effective healthcare system for our citizens and people everywhere. Cantabria and Santander offer unique conditions to attract leaders in hi-tech across a number of disciplinary fields. We are pleased that Prodea has selected Santander as an operational base, to work closely the key players already part of our Science and Innovation Park," said Mr. Ignacio Diego, president of Cantabria.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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