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January 21, 2013

iSALUS and CIPROMS Inc. Partner to Enhance Electronic Medical Records Systems

The mHealth (mobile health) development is starting to be embraced by medial fields and research companies alike, who have begun to manipulate the creations in social entertainment to enhance the quality of healthcare.

This new change in healthcare has promoted companies and businesses alike to work together and create new solutions that intertwine the new found technologies with the medical field. With this philosophy in mind, iSALUS Healthcare Partners  announced its partnership with Nationally Recognized Billing Company CIPROMS and its plan to revolutionize electronic medical record systems.

iSALUS Healthcare, privately held electronic medical records provider and practice management provider, and CIPROMS, Inc., a revenue cycle management firm, are joining forces to provide medical billing within a web-based EMR.

"Being a 100% mobile practice poses challenges for a traditional EMR company and managing all the paper charting became very burdensome and time consuming for me as a physician.” said Dr. Irene Roge, D.P.M. “I wanted to transition to an EMR for process improvement and efficiencies and knew an all-inclusive solution was ideal. I chose OfficeEMR(TM) RCM for its simplicity, mobile application, and the ability to provide medical billing services within an integrated cloud-based service.

Following the BYOD trend and cloud-based services revelation, the new system will provide accessibility from any location as long as there is an Internet connection.

The new OfficeEMR will also allow for seamless integration for EMR and PM solution with an online dashboard, accelerate reimbursements with a 98% claim rate for faster account receivable and most importantly, it will be offered at a more inexpensive rate.

The partnership and healthcare revelations will be changing the landscape for medical offices around the country, providing a solution that will ultimately create a more effective and better quality work environment. With so many issues surrounding our healthcare systems, it will be interesting to see how these types of developments will affect the outcome.

Edited by Carlos Olivera

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