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January 21, 2013

"Cover Your Family" Alameda County's New Health Insurance Ad Campaign

Joining in the drive to bring all eligible families under Medi-Cal, President Obama’s healthcare overhaul in California, Alameda County has come up with this unique campaign concept of conveying the message quite literally. The Ad campaign will feature pictures of scantily clad families with only the ‘cover your family’ sign placed strategically. 

Lori A. Cox, director of the Alameda County Social Services Agency said that they intend to convey the message “you wouldn't let your family go without clothes, so why let them go without health coverage." Lack of health cover makes people hesitant to go for help for minor health issues, and that leads to major complications and higher costs later on, she added.

The ads will feature a helpline number which residents can call to find out whether they are eligible to be covered under the scheme. An estimated number of 15,000 children are yet to be brought under Medi-Cal in Alameda County.

Federal Affordable Care Act has given a deadline of January 2014 by which all US citizens need to get the insurance cover or face a penalty. A sum of $350 million is set aside by Gov. Jerry Brown in his budget proposal this month to bring more Californians under Medi-Cal. Enrollment rules also are simplified in an effort to make it easier for eligible families to get the cover.

This public awareness campaign which cost $200,000,"is our attempt to ensure that we have exhausted all possible avenues to enroll as many children and families as possible and to continue to improve our success," Cox said.

“Cover your Family” campaign comes on heels to the ‘Connecting Kids to Coverage’ drive started in 2011 which succeeded in bringing about 3000 eligible children under the health cover by working in unison with community based groups, clinics and educational establishments.

The ads will start appearing on buses, billboards and transit shelters from this week onwards.

Edited by Carlos Olivera

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