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January 17, 2013

Aureus Medical Group's C&A Wins Gold Well Workplace Award from WELCOM

The Wellness Council of America (WELCOM) has chosen Aureus Medical Group’s parent company, C&A Industries, as the recipient of its Gold Well Workplace Award for 2013. WELCOM, a not-for-profit, works to highlight companies with forward-thinking business ideas and leaders.

Organizations can receive the Gold Well Workplace Award after developing a comprehensive wellness program that has become a “strategic” and “integral” part of everyday business operations. C&A Industries is being recognized for excellence in workplace wellness with its AurHeath program, created in 2003.

The AurHeath program was designed “for the purpose of promoting organizational and individual wellness among C&A employees through education, prevention, early detection, and access to comprehensive health resources.”

Back in February, C&A (through the AurHeath program) held a weigh-in contest for employees. The contest was simple and focused on awarding employees for obtaining their personal weight loss goals. Instead of one winner, employees received prizes if they met their mid-point goal and entered a drawing for a grand prize for anyone that exceeded their goal. The contest lasted for months and was designed to help ring in the New Year with a little less weight.

Since then, employees have participated in an Annual Poker Walk, which had employees walking over one-mile during lunch, a cupcake war, where all of the proceeds were donated to the 2012 NAMIWalk, and charity events in partnership with Open Door Mission. C&A has seen a lot of success in the 10 years the program has been around.

“The success of C&A’s health and wellness program is due in large part to the extraordinary efforts of our employees who serve on our wellness committee,” said Scot Thompson, CEO, C&A Industries. “Their dedication, enthusiasm, and creativity have greatly contributed to improving the health and wellbeing of C&A’s workforce and keeping wellness top of mind across the country. We’re proud to be recognized for what we believe is an important investment in our people and their families.”

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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