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January 10, 2013

mHealth: Revolutionizing Women's Healthcare

With so many social media outlets and unlimited access to the Web, endless amounts of information can be utilized by users, especially for those seeking medical solace. The mHealth (mobile health) development is being embraced by medial fields and research companies alike, who have begun to manipulate the creations in social entertainment to enhance the quality of healthcare. 

One of the most recent healthcare platforms to introduce this new method is HysterSisters, a Web based patient to patient support group for women around the world who are dealing with the delicate issues that surround hysterectomy experiences. 

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There are a number of obstacles that could be standing in the way of a woman that hinders her from attending support groups, therapists or medical support when she is facing a personal health issue like a hysterectomy. Whichever the case may be, HysterSisters was created to help solve issues like this and offer around the clock emotional support between patients, with an online community women can trust.

In the wake of technologies latest developments Kathy Kelley, the founder of HysterSisters, began to take notice of the websites exploding traffic from mobile devices. In aims of using the mHealth trend to help simplify and streamline the websites content for women using such devices like their smartphone, Kelley created the next generation of women’s health through apps.

Women around the world are now able to access HysterSisters with even more beneficial factors and emotional support than ever before. HysterSisters’ new free apps can be used to help a woman prepare for an upcoming procedure by allowing her to store her surgery date, provide suggestions to prepare and recovery from the surgery. A woman can also watch videos, customize a list of questions for her doctor, set reminders and get information and support from HysterSisters community.

The apps from HysterSisters were created to help further the communication between women, but also use technologies advancements to create better quality healthcare. Currently, they are the only free GYN health apps in iTunes and Google Play with such personal and informational features.

For the future, as different medical fields, doctors, patients and support groups begin to take advantage of technology and the offerings of mHealth, there is no way to tell how much our healthcare system will benefit.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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