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January 10, 2013

The Search for Peace of Mind Brings American Medical ID and One Call Alert Together

When it comes to healthcare, peace of mind is one of the best prescriptions there is. Anxious patients often don't heal as well as calm and relaxed patients, or as rapidly, so giving patients that all-important shot of well-being is seen by many as important to the overall process of health and recovery. To that end, American Medical ID yesterday announced a long-term partnership with One Call Alert in a bid to provide improvements in medical alert monitoring, and thus, give patients that all-important peace of mind.

While American Medical ID has made something of a name for itself in terms of creating a line of medical ID bracelets and pendants with personalized information about the wearer's various medical issues, there's always room for improvement. To that end, American Medical ID got in touch with One Call Alert to provide a new set of services with its line of medical alert bracelets and pendants. The combination now allows those with American Medical ID bracelets and pendants access to several calling plans offered by One Call Alert that allow for easy, one-touch access to medical services.

One Call Alert's offerings are available by the month, quarter or year, and provides users with a base station and wearable pendants that allow for one-touch outbound contact to medical assistance or similar help. The contacts can include law enforcement, medical personnel, or a set of pre-selected emergency contacts that are accessed from one button press. Especially useful for those who have mobility issues and can't always reach a telephone in the event of emergency, there are several such services on the market, but this particular development may give One Call Alert a little extra edge over its competition.

With American Medical ID in tow, those one-touch contact bracelets and pendants can include extra medical information that's accessible right from the point of contact. Imagine the likely improvement when, for example, an elderly person has a slip-and-fall accident in their kitchen, then summons help via their pendant. When medical help arrives, those responding can check that very pendant used to summon help and discover what the elder's medical issues are, preventing potentially costly errors right from the point of first contact.

The exact impact of the partnership between One Call Alert and American Medical ID will take some time to be fully felt, but there are more than a few potential benefits to such an arrangement that it's hard to see a drawback to the whole thing. But hopefully, the biggest impact will be found in lives saved and nights spent in sound sleep, for both those with health issues and their caregivers.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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