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January 10, 2013

Doctor, Do You VSee What I VSee?

There’s been a fair amount of discussion about video communication technology in the healthcare fields and the benefits it provides. One great example of a video communication tool used for telemedicine is VSee, a clear and simple to use a chat program with barely any bandwidth requirements.

More than half of VSee’s revenue comes from telemedicine, and given its focus on that industry, that really comes as no surprise. Not only does it provide collaborative screen sharing and annotation and instant file sharing (just drag the file from the sender’s screen to your desktop) at half the bandwidth of Skype, it can connect directly to medical devices to send information and images across a safely encrypted connection. It runs on Mac, PC, or iPad, with an iPod version to be released in the not to distant future.

Doctors or nurses can connect medical devices such as microscopes, x-rays, and ultrasound devices to their computer and use them normally when leveraging this solution. The information is then projected on the screen and can be sent in real-time to professionals over VSee quickly and securely. It’s FDA registered and HIPA compliant, and provides all the features that medical institutions will need.

At the moment, VSee is being used across the U.S., Middle East and Southeast Asia.. There are some great stories of successful procedures made possible through VSee such as burn victims receiving diagnostics and help over video and a woman who had been abused and disfigured receiving reconstructive surgery with help and instructions from surgeons across the world.

"Telemedicine and telehealth have only had limited impact on the world due to the complexity of Cisco, Polycom architecture and user experience,” said Milton Chen, CEO of VSee. “VSee is creating the Skype of Telemedicine - a simple, secure user experience that provides screen share of medical records and medical device sharing.  Now seeing your doctor is as simple as clicking a button on the web"

VSee is designed for small groups of three to seven professionals, but it can connect individuals from over two dozen locations. While the older generation of medical professionals are a bit weary with new technology, those who have tried it have quickly come to appreciate the convenience and quality it provides.

“Our goal is to create the medical Skype of the world,” Chen added. With a fraction of Skype’s bandwidth requirements and all the features it offers, it very well could become the perfect telemedicine product those at VSee hope it will be. At this rate, they hope to allow everyone to see a doctor over video whenever they need to and wherever they are.

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