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January 09, 2013

Fullpower Gets New Patents for Wearable Medical Devices

Fullpower has been awarded new U.S. patents for wearable yet non invasive medical devices. The news comes as the outlook for this kind of technology is bright, the company said.

"The next social paradigm-shift is non-invasive wearable wireless medical devices and applications," Philippe Kahn, who is the founder and CEO of Fullpower, said in a statement. "It's all about invention, innovation and IP. The combination of synergistic inventions and innovation are game-changers."

One patent is for a method and apparatus involving sensor fusion. It is used for activity identification. Another patent is for a method and apparatus for outbreak notifications. The notifications are presented based on prior data about locations.

“Leveraged together, a device containing multiple sensors to collect patient-state information, geospatial data, and other sensor data may be used to calculate information about the active state of the user that is more accurate than would be possible using standalone sensors, company officials added. This data may in turn be used to issue accurate and effective outbreak notifications.”

This means that if the person finds out he/she has a communicable illness, the system is able to identify affected individuals and notify anyone who was in close contact, the company said.

But, it goes beyond that. “The data collected can be used to identify areas that may be affected, paths of intersection, quarantine, distributions of medicine such as Tamiflu, along with a map of the outbreak,” the company revealed. “A system such as this enables the real-time understanding, management, and containment of outbreaks of disease, including potential pandemics.”

So far, Fullpower-MotionX technology has gotten more than 36 patents, and has dozens of other patents pending.

The MotionX Technology Platform includes “tightly coupled and integrated firmware, software and communication components that are the building blocks for new breakthrough non-invasive, wearable wireless devices,” the provider added.

MotionX Technology Platform also powers solutions from Nike, Jawbone, Apple, Comcast, Pioneer, and JVC. Last year, Fullpower-MotionX revealed its MotionX-GPS Drive version 15.0 for the iPhone and iPad, HealthTechZone reported.

Edited by Jamie Epstein

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