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December 19, 2012

Weight Watchers 360 App Offers a Mobile Weight-loss Approach

Weight Watchers International, Inc., a global franchise organization that is committed to helping people lose weight safely and sensibly as well as keep it off, has entered into the mobile healthcare world.

Its membership programs and meetings coach people on how to live a healthier life from a nutritional standpoint; facilitators explain how someone can control their weight with use of food and diet plans, as well as the role of an exercise workout routine.

In addition to its programs and meetings, the organization also offers behavior and group support, gives weight management services, sells the Weight Watchers branded products and, in recent times, grants access to a full set of online tools.

The Weight Watchers eTools, for instance, is a Web-based service and Internet weight-loss companion exclusive for meeting members; whereas, Weight Watchers Online is, instead, a website that offers a customized weight-loss plan redesigned with daily PointsPlus values, commonly used to track and record one’s food and exercise; the website even includes quick and easy recipes on top of articles about healthy living and fitness.

In helping its members/subscribers achieve weight-loss goals, Weight Watchers came out with a barcode scanner mobile app for smartphones - available for iPhone (News - Alert) and Android - which helps grocery shoppers make more informed shopping choices that may contribute to healthier living.

To date, Weight Watchers International has presented many interactive tools and innovative ways for people to manage their weight goals and make healthy food choices. Recently, it made a public announcement of an innovative way to reach people on-the-go.

This week, the franchise launched a replacement for the Weight Watchers mobile app, the Weight Watchers 360° program, which was introduced earlier in the month and places technology at the tips of mobile users’ fingers.

The Weight Watchers 360° app, which is available for both iOS and Android (News - Alert) devices, serves those members with eTools that are Weight Watchers Online subscribers.

This new app strives to provide its members with supportive and easy-to-use tools to quickly and easily track their food and lifestyle choices, explained Mike Basone, president of and CTO. He also said the 360° app offers the know-how to make the important lifestyle decisions for a successful weight loss.

Some of the new Weight Watchers 360° app features include Snap & Track, which allows users to take a snapshot of all their foods and drinks and makes it possible to add portion sizes to let the app calculate the PointsPlus value; it includes six Spaces categories that browse through smart-choice strategies and tips, and presents the all-important "Panic Moment" advice aspect and action plans on how people can take control of themselves in different environments and situations. Even more, the app also includes an assortment of 16 powerful routines in helping individuals establish suitable and healthy routine choices.

To download Weight Watchers 360° app, either go to Apple’s (News - Alert) App Store (open iTunes to download apps) or head to Google Play and search for it through Android apps.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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