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December 18, 2012

Healthcare Providers Get Technical with Patient Satisfaction

The healthcare industry is doing its best to stay updated with the latest technology to help improve patient care. Companies, hospitals, and research facilities continue to push the boundaries for improving people’s lives with the implementation and deployment of new systems.

This week, Lake Norman Regional Medical Center announced that it would implement a new service called, Amcom Messenger, a clinical alerting solution. This platform is designed to increase patient satisfaction by allowing patients to have direct contact with their physicians.

“We wanted to improve nurse responsiveness. It was one category on patient surveys that repeatedly showed an opportunity for increased satisfaction,” said Brian Bissonnette, director of Information Systems, Lake Norman Regional Medical Center. “But we didn’t want to add more complexity to a nurse’s day. We found Amcom was able to help coordinate patients requests.”

The service will let patients send secure mobile messages to staff. This way if a nurse is unavailable or located in a different area of the facility, they will still be able to provide an answer to the patient within minutes, verses having to wait until they can check in on the patient. It’s also designed to help patients checkout. Now, once they are discharged, instead of going through the long process of filling out paperwork, patients can send a message through the new system and get instant responses making patient turnover a breeze.

It looks like “instant” technology solutions have spread quickly throughout the healthcare industry quickly. Another advancement on the market is telehealth, which is devoted to helping people manage their long-term healthcare plans independently. Instead of making hundreds of calls to the hospital or doctor – now patients can follow a plan through an online platform designed specifically for them, helping them stay on track with their recovery.

In addition, another major technological advancement has been the development of electronic medical records (EMR). If healthcare providers, including hospitals, are able to gain access to patients records at a moment’s notice, it could help save the lives of patients that are in an emergency situation and might not have the necessary time available to get those medical records sent over to the hospital. Now, with the click of a button it would be available to medical professionals at anytime, anywhere.

It looks like medical professionals, hospitals, and other care facilities are trying to improve customer satisfaction by reducing wait times and giving the patients more say in the post-visit care.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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