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December 17, 2012

AmbiCom Announces Major Order for Its CompactFlash Cards

AmbiCom Holdings announced earlier today that they had received a pretty major order for their line of wireless CompactFlash cards. The cards will be going to a line of patient monitoring systems created by a German medical technology company, and the total amount of the order hit the hefty quantity of $180,000 U.S.

AmbiCom Holdings expects to ship the ordered cards in the opening days of 2013, and also provides a line of Wi-Fi cards for medical devices to give them the added edge of connectivity. With the medical device sector steadily growing--despite impact from certain government regulations--the field in general looks like it will carry on growth nicely for some time thanks to international operations.

AmbiCom not only services as a developer of wireless technologies in healthcare systems, they also serve as a distributor for these products in several different markets, including the United States markets and well beyond. AmbiCom also has a proprietary application software that it uses with both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to power its devices.

It's actually interesting to see that AmbiCom is getting some orders for its line of CompactFlash cards. That implies a certain degree of storage in the machine itself, as opposed to the machines routing their readouts back to a central network for later perusal and dissemination. Not that that's not a smart philosophy on a certain level--it allows physicians to gather data at the machines themselves rather than requiring them to report back to a central point for their info-dump--but it does pose something of a security issue.

Of course, this could probably be controlled with password protection at the machine itself, or perhaps a certain form of access points--make it like a revised USB port instead of an actual USB port--but there would still be a measure of risk leaving that data, essentially, out in the open.

Hopefully reports will follow on the German medical technology firm's use of the CompactFlash cards and show how they're putting this technology to work. Maybe there's a smart idea involved with this after all, and a smart idea in the right place is generally welcome where ever it goes.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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