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December 11, 2012

Crystal Run Healthcare Provides Telehealth Solutions through AMC Health

New York-based Crystal Run Healthcare announced today that they will be partnering with AMC Health. The solutions that AMC Health will be providing the multispecialty group deal with diabetes, heart failure, and a number of other illnesses.

Jonathan Nasser, MD, the co-chief clinical transformation officer at Crystal Run Healthcare, sees a number of benefits to the partnership, among them the ability to “significantly reduce” unnecessary resource utilization through “proven and scalable” telehealth solutions. AMC, he says, “will make it easier for our doctors to deliver high-quality, cost-effective, and efficient evidence-based care”.

Nesim Bildirici, the chief executive officer of AMC Health, shares Nasser’s sentiments, stating that the company’s “comprehensive” telehealth offerings will give Crystal Run access to “real-time, clinically actionable data”. This, he says, will empower their clinicians “to detect pre-acute conditions earlier and keep their patients out of the hospital”.

AMC Health will also be providing patients of Crystal Run with patient monitoring services after they have left the hospital. Some of the programs for patients who have returned to their homes will include biometric monitoring, logistical services, and healthcare coaching. 

According to their website, some of the telemonitoring solutions offered include: medication adherence data, weight, blood glucose, blood pressure and temperature. Health education is delivered through interactive voice response technology, objective and subjective data is gathered through interactive gateways, and personal emergency response services are transmitted through either a cellular network or telephone lines.

When it comes to keeping patients out of the hospital and keeping patients who have been hospitalized healthy when they return home, AMC Health’s solutions offer great potential. These telehealth solutions may be a few steps ahead of where healthcare throughout the country is, but Crystal Run’s decision to partner with AMC Health puts the group at the forefront. The partnership between Crystal Run Healthcare and AMC Health is one that appears to hold promising potential for patients.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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