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December 10, 2012

New Breast Cancer Solutions from GE Healthcare

Last week’s San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium highlighted the efforts that GE Healthcare has made toward assisting physicians with healthcare for breast cancer patients. They have created a wide-ranging collection of the industry’s latest technologies in order to make this battle a little less daunting.

The new solutions that GE Healthcare is giving to physicians range from screening to diagnosis to treatment and patient care. This portfolio is so advanced that it caught the attention of Frost & Sullivan, garnering GE Healthcare Frost & Sullivan’s 2012 award for breast imaging product line strategy for North America.

The GE Healthcare booth at the symposium was busy with people asking questions to executives and experts about their ideas.   GE Healthcare was also asked to conduct a panel discussion about their ideas and they held one entitled,” Enabling More Confident Decisions for Breast Cancer Treatment.” The topics and lecturers during the panel discussion included: “Mammostrat - A Breast Cancer Recurrence Assay - Tamoxifen versus Exemestane Adjuvant Multicenter (TEAM) Trial Update” from John M.S. Bartlett, MD, the director of transformative pathology at the Ontario Institute of Cancer Research in Toronto ; “Discordance in HER2 Testing in Metastatic Breast Cancer - VIRGO Trial Update” from Edith Perez, MD, the deputy director at Large at the Mayo Clinic Cancer Center; and “New Updates and Advances in Ductal Carcinoma In Situ (DCIS)” from Craig Allred, MD, a professor in the department of pathology at the Washington University School of Medicine.

In a recent statement, chief executive officer of Clarient Diagnostic Services (a GE Healthcare company) Carrie Eglinton-Manner described GE Healthcare’s commitment to breast cancer innovation; “With a disease as complex and multi-faceted as breast cancer, innovations need to be equally multi-faceted and even more integrated in their scope, and GE Healthcare is fully committed to developing solutions that enable physicians to improve the quality of care provided to the patients they treat.” The studies, she says, are “further demonstration of that commitment”.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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