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December 10, 2012

CareView Communication Signs Agreement with IASIS Healthcare

Earlier today, an information technology provider to the healthcare industry, CareView Communications Inc., announced the signing of a multi-hospital agreement with the owner and operator of acute care hospitals in urban and suburban markets, IASIS Healthcare.

Including 20 hospitals and more than 4,400 licensed beds, following the successful conclusion of a six-month pilot installation of the CareView System in several IASIS facilities, this new agreement initiates the CareView rollout in select beds throughout the rest of the IASIS system.

"The use of Virtual Bed Rails, Virtual Chair Rails and the extensive Falls Management Program has proven to be an important resource within our hospitals' ongoing commitments to continually improve patient safety,” said Tedd Adair, IASIS Healthcare vice president of Clinical Operations.

He added that to increase its hospitals' overall efficacy and patient satisfaction, it received assistance from CareView's other products, which span a multitude of clinical as well as non-clinical disciplines. IASIS intends to use CareView's full suite of services after achieving such demonstrable results. Services will include nursing modules, that facilitate and monitor rounding, BedView, which facilitates patient flow, and patient-centric modules like MovieView that enhance the overall patient experience.

Steve Johnson, president for CareView, stated that the results of its pilot agreement clearly demonstrated the success that both IASIS and CareView were anticipating. To confirm its long-term relationship, the successful conclusion of the study and the signing of this new agreement is the first step.

It is confident that its products and services will help positively change how healthcare and ancillary services are provided in the future. To achieve a wide variety of patient enhancements and hospital savings, it looks forward to working with IASIS.

Using the existing cable television infrastructure, CareView has created a proprietary high-speed data network system that can be deployed throughout a healthcare facility. Designed to streamline workflow and improve value-added services offered to customers, this network supports CareView's Room Control Platform and complementary suite of software applications.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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