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December 06, 2012

Catholic Health Initiatives and Encore Health Resources Enter Joint Venture

Catholic Health Initiatives and Encore Health Resources are working together toward developing a program that will use all the data from the federally mandated electronic health records, bundling it into a practical use program for healthcare professionals. The two leaders in their respective fields will create a program that will manage patient populations, quality, and costs, and then use that information to create solutions for quality, performance, and risk analysis.

The electronic health records are a patient’s health records stored in a digital format to enable them to easily be transferred throughout the various forms of healthcare. These records are capable of showing medical personnel a complete medical history of a given patient: their medical history, medications and allergies, immunization records, previous lab tests, x-rays, and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), vital stats such as blood pressure, height, and weight.

The new electronic health records meaningful-use incentive program has created a new set of demands on the healthcare field. These new incentives are switching to a value-based system, instead of the previous volume-based system. Encore Health Resources is designing a new electronic intelligence solutions system that will aid Catholic Health Initiatives in formulating information to better evaluate performance and quality. Catholic Health Initiatives will use Encore’s new solution suite of tools to successfully implement their OneCare program. The OneCare program is a program designed to advance patient care through information, and it will be used toward a shared electronic health record for each of its patients.

The vice president of business intelligence with Catholic Health Initiatives, Evon Holladay,MBA, calls OneCare “ the largest of its kind in our history” and says that the “powerful, information-based system” will “significantly improve the way we care for our patients nationwide”. 

The partnership is one that she considers important moving forward, “Our partnership with Encore will extend the power of OneCare to provide ‘in-time’ information that will help CHI understand how we are performing against our goals.  This capability is more important than ever as we move into a fee-for-value era.”

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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