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December 06, 2012

GE Healthcare Makes Centricity Healthcare 5.1 Generally Available

Provider of healthcare information technology, GE Healthcare recently launched the latest version of its Centricity Business healthcare revenue cycle management solution. Centricity Business 5.1 features a number of new capabilities to address emerging reimbursement models, as well as new task management and clearinghouse enhancements, leading to increased profitability, efficiency and quality of care.

"Built on more than 40 years of revenue cycle management experience, this release was developed to help our customers address the key financial challenges associated with U.S. healthcare reform," said Michael Friguletto, vice president and general manager of GE Healthcare IT. "Centricity Business 5.1 will enable customers to achieve greater profitability, efficiency and enhanced quality of care."

Version 5.1 of Centricity Business builds upon the solution's core foundation to deliver a high-performing, enterprise-ready revenue cycle management solution capable of seamlessly interoperating with key clinical systems. Specific key enhancements over last year's 5.0 release include: new workflows for simplified setup, scheduling and charge segregation of bundled payments; extended task management capabilities for greater workflow consistency; and improved Managed Care Application for increased billing automation in capitation settings.

Furthermore, Centricity Business 5.1 sports new electronic clearinghouse transactions, extending connectivity between hospitals and payers, reducing incidence of late payments, as well as technology enhancement like proactive monitoring and security simplification.

"Declining reimbursements and healthcare reform are some of the biggest challenges we face today," said Julie Castongia, director of GE Systems, HealthCare Partners. "Centricity Business provides us with the flexibility to adapt to evolving payment models - for example, it has supported our ability to participate in an Accountable Care pilot project. Furthermore, Centricity Business' interoperability capabilities and open platform allow us to connect seamlessly with other IT systems, positioning our organization for growth."

GE Healthcare recently introduced Silent Scan, revolutionary technology designed to reduce excessive noise generated during an MR scan, reducing it to near-ambient sound levels.

The company also recently introduced Universal Viewer, which combines advanced visualization, intelligent productivity tools and multimodality workflow for oncology and breast imaging in one workspace.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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