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December 03, 2012

Diversinet Launches mobiHealth Wallet

Diversinet Corporation has developed a new product to make visits to the doctor much easier on the patient. Diversinet Corporation is releasing its mobiHealth Wallet, created to make a more secure application for downloading entering, managing and sharing the patient’s health information.

The mobiHealth Wallet is compatible with Blue Button technology, which allows patients to store their medical information, personal information and previous care and transfer the information securely to doctors, emergency staff, hospitals, rapid response teams and caregivers to cut down on the time used asking for past history to better inform emergency response personal when the patient is unresponsive.

Dr. Hon Park, the chief executive officer of Diversinet describes mobile healthcare as “bringing forth innovation at an unprecedented pace.” He notes that rapid advancement does not necessarily equate to sustainability, “... most mobile solutions offered today will not be sustainable or effective without a common framework for interoperability and patient- or consumer-centered engagement.” He sees mobiHealth as a solution; “mobiHealth Wallet makes it easy for patients to download and manage their data from various sources and to enter profile and survey information to be shared with providers and other caregivers."

The mobiHealth Wallet, announced at the mHealth Summit, allows patients to use their computers, smartphones or tablets to access the Internet to create their own personal health profile that will include their personal preferences, what their lifestyle consist of and social determinants of their health in recent or past situations. A patient is able to list their preference for contact whether it is better to use an e-mail, text message or phone call and what is the best time of day to reach the patient. By medical and pharmacy personnel having the lifestyle details, they can better prescribe medication for patients or help decide what type of medication or health program better fits the patient.

Dr. Pak added that patients see multiple providers in diverse settings over a lifetime. Fragmentation in healthcare data, he says, results in “suboptimal care coordination.” mobiHealth seeks to change that for patients; “mobiHealth Wallet allows the patient to be the driver and gatekeeper by managing personal health information and sharing it with multiple providers and payers in ways that have not been available to date."

Edited by Rachel Ramsey

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