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November 30, 2012

Philips, Unfors Raysafe Announce Joint Agreement for DoseAware, Allura Xper

Philips Royal Electronics and Unfors RaySafe announced that they’ve signed a joint venture agreement to develop the next version of DoseAware, which ensures safe radiation exposure for patients undergoing X-rays.

“With the launch of DoseAware in 2010, and the introduction of real-time dosimetry, together with Philips we were able to establish a new gold standard for the management of dose in the interventional X-ray environment. Through this new agreement, we aim to make further significant advances by integrating real-time dosimetry within the interventional X-ray system itself, which has the potential to further improve radiation dose management for those performing and managing these complex procedures,” Magnus Kristoferson, chief executive officer of Unfors RaySafe, said.

The aim is to develop the next generation version of DoseAware, along with Philips Allura Xper interventional X-ray system.

The Allura Xper system aims to offer good image quality for patients with cardiac disease, allowing doctors to diagnose and treat diseases with accuracy.

The two companies are committed to providing real-time dosimetry information to doctors and technicians, allowing them to limit patient exposure to X-Ray radiation, while still getting the required images needed to plan effective treatments.

“As a leading innovator in image guided interventional solutions, we continuously look for ways to manage radiation dose whilst improving outcomes for complex interventional procedures. By integrating the DoseAware functionality with our Allura Xper offering, we will be able to both simplify and improve real time staff dose information,” says Bert van Meurs, senior vice president and general manager of Philips Interventional X-Ray. “This collaboration with RaySafe is yet another example of our commitment to further enhancing radiation safety.”

Unfors specializes in radiation measurement products for the medical field, ranging from personal dosimetry to products for large X-ray machines. The company has just announced a new portfolio of products designed for use in X-ray rooms.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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