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November 29, 2012

Xerox Boosts Harden Healthcare's IT Performance

Xerox, the world’s leading enterprise for business process and document management is helping Harden Healthcare, a leading senior care provider in strengthening up its IT infrastructure and processes. With the help of Xerox, Harden Healthcare is preparing for the growing demand in long term health care services, as an estimated 10,000 Americans are turning 65 everyday.

From the total number of baby boomers who reach the age of 65, two-thirds of them suffer from at least one chronic disease and have seen on an average about seven physicians according to an estimate.

Xerox, under a five year contract, is hosting Harden Healthcare’s data centre. It would be providing simplified and flexible IT environment and systems to enable Harden to grow aggressively when needed with the ability to scale down as business needs change. Xerox will be helping Harden develop and test critical applications in efficient but cost effective way.

Harden Healthcare provides healthcare services, primarily for seniors, including home healthcare, skilled nursing and rehabilitation, assisted living, and hospice care. It has made acquisitions in past as and when needed to expand its services to fill the entire post-acute continuum. It aims at providing the highest quality of care for its patients. As the demand for its services grows it needed a bigger more reliable partner. Having outgrown the services provided by its prior data center hosting partner, Harden Healthcare partnered Xerox for next five years that will see it increase system performance and reliability under Xerox’s expertise and experience.

"We have an opportunity to provide care to a growing number of people who require coordinated long-term services,” said Diane Kenyon, senior vice president, Information Technology, Harden Healthcare. "With Xerox hosting our data center we are confident our IT system will support the increasing demands and data needed to drive value from our information – ultimately aiding in better patient care."

Xerox is currently managing the data center in an environment which is 95 percent virtualized. To proactively monitor IT performance Harden depends on Xerox’s enterprise management platform. Harden Healthcare is working closely to expand the use of advanced technology. It now has adopted the processing of Electronic Medical Records, EMRs in each of its divisions. Xerox is helping Harden in developing a technology framework that simplifies and improves patient care.

"Our goal is to give Harden a solid technology framework, allowing it to be agile and responsive to the demands of the healthcare industry, said Scott Mingee, group president, Healthcare Provider Solutions, Xerox." "The IT environment we’ve designed will equip them to navigate the growth and automation requirements critical to their business success," he added.

Harden Healthcare’s environment in the Charlotte, N.C. data center facility is being managed by Xerox currently.

Edited by Rich Steeves

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