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November 29, 2012

CellTrust Expands HIPAA-Compliant Communication Integration Server Capabilities

Provider of secure mobile communication and mobile aggregation services, CellTrust Corporation today expanded the capabilities of its HIPAA-Compliant Communication Integration Server (HCCIS) to bridge the gap between different solutions that bring alert aggregation to handsets.

As such, organizations using Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) profiles to support communications standards like HL7, and DICOM can expect simplified integration with healthcare devices, smartphones and applications.

CellTrust HCCIS tailors the company's patented secure mobile messaging and voice technologies specifically to meet the needs and requirements of the healthcare industry. This allows healthcare organizations, patients and staff to communicate patient information via secure SMS, voice calls, e-mail and two-way paging, while ensuring privacy and security.

"By enabling deep integration of our HIPAA Compliant Communication Integration Server with the hardware and software that medical professionals use to communicate, we are making it faster and easier for healthcare organizations to leverage our secure mobile communications platform," said Sean Moshir, CEO and Chairman of CellTrust. "When a doctor has critical news or a patient has a pressing question, time is precious. The ability to communicate quickly while adhering to HIPAA regulations makes the process less stressful and more efficient."

HCCIS is available as a hosted cloud solution or as an enterprise solution, allowing the server and data to be administered and maintained by the healthcare organization directly.

Recently, CellTrust announced its intentions to focus on using its secure, encrypted SMS services to use as a driving force in pager replacement in the healthcare industry. The company stated that the speed and directness of texting is far more efficient than the pager callback process, promoting superior workflow and efficiency than pagers.

Earlier in November, the company was named Innovator of the Year in the Arizona Technology Council's Governor's Celebration of Innovation Awards in the small company category. This annual awards program honors technology leaders and innovators in the state of Arizona.

Edited by Braden Becker

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