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November 28, 2012

Royal Philips Electronics Showcases New Features to Address Challenges Faced by Radiologists

Recently, Royal Philips Electronics showcased several new features for existing image modalities that deliver clinical benefits to customers while simultaneously answering the economic challenges clinicians face worldwide.

Often interfering with their ability to deliver the best possible care to patients, clinicians around the world face many obstacles including the rise of chronic disease and an aging population. The solution to this interference is innovation in technology as well new business models that address the clinical, operational and financial needs of hospitals and customers alike.

Enabling current Philips MR users to switch to digital broadband MRI for the majority of analogue Philips MR systems, the company is now offering its dStream broadband technology as a cost-effective way to provide digital broadband MRI. the technology builds on the existing MR magnet.

The dStream upgrade technology when compared with its system replacement saves on magnet and reconstruction costs and means fewer disturbances for the facility during installation. When upgrading an existing MRI compared to purchasing a new digital system, users can expect to see significant savings.

"We know that customers around the globe are facing economic struggles and purchasing decisions may be uncertain. Philips understands these challenges and is committed to continually improving access to the best care possible and helping clinicians to improve patient outcomes," said Gene Saragnese, chief executive officer of Imaging Systems at Philips, in a statement.

Saragnese added that in order to meet these challenges, the offering provides upgrades and enhancements which allows its customers to improve on the existing imaging system investments they have already made. SmartPath to dStream features signal digitization directly to the patient, delivering a high signal to noise ratio (SNR) that benefits image quality and speed. The lightweight dStream digital coils are also comfortable for patients and the easy coil handling significantly ramps up workflow.

Edited by Jamie Epstein

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