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November 27, 2012

Samsung Announces Expansion for Continuing Innovation in Medical Technology

Earlier today, a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd, Samsung Electronics America Inc., announced its expansion with the addition of Samsung Health & Medical Equipment. This has unified Samsung Medison America’s personnel into Samsung Electronics America’s Enterprise Business Division.

By bringing together its expertise in electronics and IT technologies for a better and more complete healthcare experience, Samsung aims to become a global healthcare leader by expanding its presence in the medical equipment industry.

From November 25-29, Samsung Health & Medical Equipment will be showing a variety of healthcare solutions at the RSNA 2012 radiological event located at McCormick Place, Chicago, Booth #4050.

Following Samsung Electronics’ Co., Ltd. acquisition of a stake in diagnostic ultrasound manufacturer Medison Co., Ltd. in 2010, the latest step is the integration of sales, marketing and service operations in the United States. With the joining of operations, Samsung Medison America is well positioned to leverage research and development and infrastructure already in place within Samsung Electronics America and its product groups.

In addition, Samsung Medison America will benefit from existing sales channels and integrated marketing teams at Samsung Electronics America.

“Samsung Electronics America is well positioned to bring its knowledge and resources to Samsung Health & Medical Equipment and we are committed to a shared vision for a better and more complete healthcare experience,” said Tod Pike, senior vice president of Samsung Electronics America Inc., Enterprise Business Division.

In the healthcare space, he added, it has a continuing interest and investment and now it has an even greater opportunity for reaching its global growth goals.

Brian Keith, director of sales and general manager of Samsung Health & Medical Equipment, concluded that for continuing innovation in medical technology, the combination of Samsung’s unparalleled image processing and IT technologies with Samsung Medison America’s industry-leading medical equipment will serve as the foundation.

Edited by Braden Becker

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