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November 21, 2012

Phillips Announces 500th Order of Its Ambient Experience Hospital Solution

Earlier this week, reaching a milestone after sales of these patient-centered clinical environment installations started in 2006, Royal Philips Electronics announced the 500th order of its Ambient Experience hospital solution. For its new Cancer Center, a Big Bore CT treatment planning room with Ambient Experience has been ordered by the San Joaquin Community Hospital (Bakersfield, California, USA).

In order to create calming atmospheres that help patients cope with the stresses involved in being diagnosed and treated for cancer, a disease suffered by more than one-in-three people in the Western World at some point in their lifetime, two of the Center’s radiation therapy treatment rooms will also feature this concept. In January 2013, the San Joaquin Community Hospital Cancer Center is expected to open.

“When I first learned about Philips’ Ambient Experience concept, I immediately realized that it could be something that would really set our Cancer Center apart from other clinical facilities in the area,” says Sam Itani, San Joaquin Community Hospital administrator and CEO.

He added that the focus on combining careful attention to the patient experience with attention to the needs of our staff makes this a win-win for everyone. For its patients, it is looking forward to delivering a whole new standard of care.

To place patients in a calming, reassuring and relaxing environment, Ambient Experience solutions feature the innovative use of dynamic light, video and sound. The patients’ involvement and engagement in procedures is encouraged by giving them personalized control over the theme selection that defines the color and intensity of the ambient lighting as well as the audio-video content in the room.

In order for patients to feel less overwhelmed by technologically complex medical equipment and procedures, examination and treatment rooms are de-cluttered through specialized design strategies. The benefits not only extend to patients. While also helping caregivers to work more efficiently and with more satisfaction, Philips Ambient Experience environments have been shown to decrease the duration of procedures.

Edited by Rich Steeves

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