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November 21, 2012

Primordial Announces Successful Deployments for Radiology Departments

Earlier this week, Primordial, a vendor of workflow applications for the medical imaging market, announced the first two deployments of a real-time Electronic Whiteboard, Primordial RealTime™ and Operational Tracking Platform. This announcement was made in New York, at NYU Langone Medical Center and in Asheville NC at the Mission Hospital.

Customized to the unique workflow requirements of ED, MR, CT, Interventional, and other areas, RealTime is providing advanced tracking of patients, exams, rooms, procedures, laboratory results, and departmental operations at both NYU and Mission. 

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Due to manual data entry and lack of widespread visibility into patient, room, exam, and provider status, the genesis of RealTime stems from the need of imaging departments to move beyond the traditional "greaseboards" and paper workflows which are highly inefficient. By providing information-rich, customizable electronic whiteboards that are visible anywhere, RealTime addresses these issues.

“Mission Hospital identified the need to develop an interactive electronic communications and patient tracking board as a core need moving forward,” said John Campbell, Mission Hospital’s chief imaging informatics officer.

He added that RealTime enabled the hospital to design a customized informatics system, allowing for more immediate access to its patients’ progress in various stages of their procedures and including vital information for their quality of care. RealTime has been deployed in six modalities and radiology nursing areas.

Radiology has been improved since doctors can see the patient progress throughout the entire care cycle. This innovative approach of imaging workflow has resulted in fewer steps in the clinical process and allowed more time with the patient. Patients and their families now enjoy improved communication.

Campbell concluded that what initially started off as a radiology centric project, turned into a joint venture between radiology and emergency departments. Phone calls from the ED have been reduced by 90 percent and ED-CT throughput has vastly improved.

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