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November 15, 2012

BridgeHead Image Protection Achieves PACS Validation at Massachusetts Hospital

BridgeHead Software’s file archiving and storage management system for PACS (picture archiving and communication system) image data protection was successfully tested by Fujifilm at a Massachusetts hospital.

The testing shows the protection does not disrupt the PACS cardiology system’s workflow, according to a company statement.

Fujifilm conducted interoperability tests of its Synapse Cardiovascular System and Synapse Cardiovascular Archiver together with BridgeHead Software.

BridgeHead, which recently found in a survey a large number of hospitals lacked “robust” disaster recovery plans, runs a solution that acts as an archive and storage management system for file data that protects images. Images can be damaged from disk failures, data corruption and erroneous file deletes.

The BridgeHead solution was specifically designed for healthcare data management.

“Management of PACS images is an extension of patient care. When images are needed by clinicians, it is absolutely critical that those images be available,” Craig Boisclair, PACS administrator for Sturdy Memorial Hospital, said in a company statement. “We depend on BridgeHead’s protection of our Fujifilm PACS images to ensure this availability. Before choosing the BridgeHead platform, I was left uncertain if I could recover our images when needed. Now, I’m positive that I can and will fully address client needs due to enhanced image accessibility and improved workflow.”

Bridgehead recently marked a year since announcing the appointment of Jim Beagle as its CEO. 

Edited by Braden Becker

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