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November 15, 2012

University of Colorado Health Assimilates Everbridge Solution Suite in the Management of Emergency Mass Communications and Staffing

University of Colorado Health has deployed an Everbridge solutions suite to help in crisis communication and staff management. University of Colorado Health (UC Health) is a local private not-for-profit organization with the sole purpose of providing excellent healthcare.

By using Everbridge, the university will be in a position to implement a closed loop communication strategy in its important functions. Benefits from such a deployment include delivery of messages to recipients through multiple contact paths, call escalation and receipt confirmation.

Initially, the University of Colorado Health settled for Everbridge to provide solutions necessary in deploying mass communication for severe weather and disaster scenarios in its six hospitals, a dozen clinics and outpatient services networks. Their trial test run was short lived.

After UC Health witnessed the diverse and robust capabilities of the Everbridge solutions suite, management officials believed that the system would work well for more operational uses. One of the most heavily used features is the staffing operations. In comparison to manual staffing efforts, efficiency has been on the rise since the introduction of the Everbridge solutions suite.

Other benefits involve improved data accuracy and system familiarity. Any person who has ever worked under stress or in dynamic scenarios will tell you that though these two are important because they are hard to uphold in tight and fast emergency scenario operations.

If University of Colorado Health intends to save lives during crisis scenarios, it has to have a trustworthy system in place that is capable of providing unbreakable seamless communication between its key personnel.

Imad Mouline , chief strategy officer at Everbridge, believes Everbridge is the way out. He says,” The Everbridge Suite is uniquely able to support University of Colorado Health through its specialized healthcare communications capabilities, organizational hierarchy features and near-infinite scalability.”

To ensure it puts the system to optimal use, the University of Colorado Health has trained all its emergency response personnel on how to use the system.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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