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November 14, 2012

Virtual Physician's Network Launches Mobile App for Surgeons

During the annual meeting of the North American Spine Society (NASS), Virtual Physician’s Network (VPN) chose to release its new mobile application that is designed for physicians. This application will be free to physicians and will offer solutions to help with booking cases with vendors to patient outcomes.

The new application from the Orlando-based company will provide instant access to patient outcomes, information from suppliers on medications and devices, information on industry and association events, and live surgery and procedure videos, as well as Web cast channels.

George England, the president and chief executive officer of Virtual Physicians Network, said that the app was enthusiastically received adding, "The benefits of VPN's comprehensive real-time case booking, communications, information, and education platform were enthusiastically received by both surgeons and medical vendors at the NASS event.”

He went on to explain the idea behind the app commenting, “The Virtual Physicians Network mobile app was designed specifically for surgeons to improve clinical outcomes, save time and money, and drive revenue.” VPN, he says, integrates those features that surgeons most want, “We listened to surgeons needs and know what they want. VPN is feature rich with education and product information, but the aspect that surgeons at the NASS event were really excited about was the potential for real time scheduling, communication, and accountability from their practice to the many vendors who supply devices, services, and equipment for surgeries."

There is a problem that needed to be addressed about real-time communication between surgeons and the information they need from suppliers during crucial surgeries; this new application is a solution to this problem. This information is displayed for the surgeon to see what supplies are needed and what are available from a given supplier. When the decision is made by the surgeon, the app will inform the supplier and confirm its availability of the desired product that is needed for the surgery.

Virtual Physicians Network is trying to get the information from suppliers, both pharmaceutical and device, and medical societies to upload all of their information to VPN so it can create a library for easier searching for information. This will allow the search time to be shorter if all information can be found in one place.

The first groups that the application will be focused on are the neurosurgeons and orthopedic surgeons, with other groups to soon be added.

Edited by Jamie Epstein

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