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November 14, 2012

MD Anderson Physicians Network Selects MetricStream's Platform and Tools for Business Requirements

Better patient care continues to be of prime importance in healthcare. MetricStream’s quality and compliance management solution was selected by MD Anderson Physicians Network to help enhance health care quality and in the evaluation and reporting of affiliate sites’ clinical performance.

Together with a Standards Management Process, these recommendations will drive continuous patient care improvements over time and help streamline clinical quality metrics and benchmarks collection and reporting against the Texas-based Anderson Cancer Center.

The VP of MD Anderson Physician Network, William J. Simeone, Jr. said, “MD Anderson Physicians Network is excited about the MetricStream platform and the tools it provides our organization to support our current and future business requirements.”

The platform in question is the MetricStream GRC platform which provides quality and compliance management processing of workflow-driven automation. The solution also streamlines assessment processes while coupling with real-time visibility into any concerns, issues and trends regarding quality.

The chief operating officer at MetricStream, Gaurav Kapoor, expressed his sentiments after the MD Anderson Physicians Network selection of the company’s platform by saying, “We are delighted to be selected by for quality and safety management initiatives. Patients and their families consider many factors while choosing a healthcare provider, but ultimately, nothing is more important than the quality of patient care.”

MetricStream takes great pride in this recent selection choice by MD Anderson Physicians Network which continuous to offer the company top quality management and best practices. MD Anderson Physicians Network, on the other hand, will now be able to provide better oncology services to U.S. local hospitals by offering a more integrated approach to cancer education, prevention, screening, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up care.

MetricStream’s enterprise-wide, risk, compliance and quality management solutions are used by companies like Twitter, SanDisk, Pfizer, Philips, UBS among many other corporations in healthcare, government and manufacturing sectors.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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