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November 13, 2012

Affirmed Networks Avail Currently Deployable An3000 Solution

Earlier this week, Affirmed Networks finally emerged from its stealth mode to announce the availability of its currently-deployable AN3000 solution. The AN3000’s disruptive architecture is poised to significantly transform mobile data networks.

In order to manage cost and scale, operators can dramatically simplify their network deployments. With advanced services aimed at enhancing revenue, operators can serve user needs by using Affirmed’s industry first, service orchestration technology.

With Affirmed’s unique service orchestration capability, with value-added services that can be created, maintained and monetized at the pace of the Internet, this currently-deployable platform is poised to significantly advance the state of mobile data networks. From the mobile telecommunications industry’s most successful companies such as Cisco, Sonus, Cascade, Airvana, Starent, Ascend and AT&T, Affirmed Networks is led by a team of top executives and technologists.

“I’m very proud of the team we have assembled to execute our company’s vision. Our philosophy of being creative, bold, and pragmatic is creating solutions that are significantly enhancing the economic capacity of mobile networks,” said Hassan M. Ahmed, chairman and CEO at Affirmed Networks.

To drive innovation into the new wireless era, he added, the same people who previously led innovation for the top operators and vendors have come together. Top venture capital firms Matrix Partners, Charles River Ventures, Lightspeed Venture Partners, and two strategic investors T-Venture and Vodafone Ventures, back Affirmed Networks.

With rich application and content delivery services, the AN3000 enables operators to manage both subscribers and advanced services in an industry-leading solution that bundles gateway functions.

Around the world, the AN3000 is generally available and in trials with operators.

The platform provides unsurpassed performance, excellent scalability, high resiliency and content delivery capabilities that flexibly adapts to changing user demands and far surpasses incumbent vendor solutions.

The AN3000’s virtualized software operates on industry standard hardware, including both ATCA and blade servers.

Edited by Braden Becker

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