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November 06, 2012

Endomondo Releases Updated iPhone App

When it comes to the mobile fitness game, there may not be a better application than the one that Endomondo has put out. The company is now trying to get even better with a revamping of their iPhone application. 

This new version of the Endomondo application, a mobile fitness gauging tool, is officially branded version 7.0.0 and has a new design compatibility that looks and works better on the iPhone 5.

The Endomondo application has long been one of the favorites for people who use their smartphones and mobile devices to help track their weight loss goals. 

Back at the end of June, the company said its 10 million users had logged more than 320 million miles by running, walking, riding a bike or using the other formats that are available to track in their mobile applications.

When opening Endomondo iPhone app version 7.0.0, users will almost immediately notice a better and cleaner look to the dashboard. People will also be able to navigate around the menu quite a bit easier than they had in the past. The refreshed application also boasts better accuracy when it comes to the GPS filtering. 

While Endomondo’s new iPhone layout has been available to Android users for a while, this brings the iOS app up to date.

Mette Lykke, cofounder of Endomondo, said this is the second major app revision in 2012 to serve the needs of iPhone app users. “We want fitness to be more social, more engaging and more fun. Ease of use is crucial to achieve this, so we’re excited to launch new navigation and design with our iPhone app,” he said. “The new navigation will make it possible for us to add more features in the future, including more motivational tools to encourage our community to be working out more.”

The service now boasts more than 12 million users around the world and offers the mobile application for most major mobile operating systems.

Edited by Braden Becker

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