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November 06, 2012

EnChroma Accepting Pre-Orders for Advanced Optic Glasses

EnChroma announced that it’s now taking pre-orders for its advanced optic sunglasses designed to help the estimated 10 million American’s that suffer from CVD, color vision deficiency.

The American Optometric Association defines CVD as the “inability to distinguish certain shades of color in more severe cases, see colors at all. The term ‘color blindness’ is also used to describe this visual condition.” Most people with CVD are able to see color, but have problems differentiating between particular shades. “The severity of color vision deficiency can range from mild to severe depending on the cause. It will affect both eyes if it is inherited and usually just one if the cause for the deficiency is injury or illness [related].” EnChroma has been working for almost more than a decade to improve and understand the visual conditions for CVD patients.

“After more than 10 years of R&D in the color vision field and from my direct experience of working with color vision deficient patients, it is apparent that CVD affects many areas of their lives. Reaction times to color coded information is reduced by about 30 percent, making driving hazardous under certain conditions, and job related colored information less readily discernible,” said Dr. Don McPherson, VP of Products.

To help battle CVD, EnChroma, is releasing a new product line with glasses made for both normal color vision individuals, along with those suffering from CVD. The product line includes CX.D and Cx.PT Optical Aid for Color Vision Deficiency, the Cx.NRG Super Color Enhancing Lens, and the Cx.UV450 Extreme Solar Protection glasses.

The glasses, which range between $400 and $600, take advantage of EnChroma’s years of development and sight-seeing technology to help enhance vision, while making colors more vibrant and true to form. The glasses are designed with an advanced optical coating that allows them to perform at a higher than normal filter, making the eye see colors in a more enhancing way.

“Being present when a CVD person tried our glasses and see colors in a way that they never have before has given me a sense of great accomplishment,” said McPherson.

Daniel Shapiro, Moderate Deutan and EnChroma user, said once you use the glasses you would never want to be without them. “Everything is just more vivid and clearer. It is like if you take a television and you turn the color knob up and it just all gets brighter,” said Shapiro. “I’m able to see colors in the way that they should be seen.”

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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