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November 05, 2012

Boxwood Technology Announces New Partnership

As our nation’s baby boomers age, providing human resources for the healthcare industry has become increasingly important. Today, two companies have joined forces to dedicate their efforts to that purpose, providing each other with the assets and resources necessary to power the growing healthcare industry.

Boxwood Technology will soon be teaming with HealthStream to provide additional benefits to more than 280 organizations that belong to the National Health Career Network. HealthStream, a company known for its research and human resources capabilities, will prove to be a valuable asset and partner to match Boxwood Technology’s online career centers.

Boxwood Technology CEO, John Bell, is enthusiastic about the agreement; “As a trusted partner with nearly 1,000 associations, Boxwood only forms relationships with top providers in their fields, and HealthStream certainly fits that criterion. By bringing HealthStream’s prove competencies and market depth to our NHCN partners, we expect great outcomes for all involved.”

The EVP of HealthStream, Art Newman, shares his enthusiasm, calling their success in creating a robust healthcare association network “widely respected in the industry” and is “excited” to “bring additional educational value to their members—and increase their revenue as a result.”

Many of the members of the National Health Career Network (NHCN) have been using services from the HealthStream system prior to the partnership. Bell has gone further to state, “During our vetting process; we learned that our NHCN partners have seen significant increases in educational revenue via HealthStream's sales channels. It was one of the key factors in our interest in joining forces with HealthStream…a proven way for our partners to drive more success.”

This partnership is one that gives both Boxwood and HealthStream a great deal to be excited about. By joining forces, the two companies will be able to help shape the healthcare workforce of the future.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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