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October 30, 2012

Medbox Announces New Devices Along with Financial Projections

While most people only consider consumer technology to be the kind that allow us to listen to our music wherever we go or check our email even when we are on the road, there are plenty of uses when it comes to medical technology. Medbox is one company that is looking to make a pretty penny when it comes to medical technological advances. The company recently announced a new line of products and gadgets for 2013 along with a set of financial projections going out to 2016.

One of the new products that Medbox has announced is called Sample-Safe. This particular device is geared towards making handing out samples and getting information about medical samples that much easier. The device has an LED screen that can display information for patients. It also has a setting that will allow it to dole out different samples to nurses and doctors depending on the situation. The point of the device is to be mounted on the wall and allow for a more secure monitoring of medication samples. Medical technology is used to treat disease and injuries but it can also be used for the more minor purposes like more secure storage of medications and supplies.

Another device that fits into this area is the Lockbox Rx. This is geared for use in pharmacies and works in some of the same ways as Sample-Safe. The difference is that this device will allow a pharmacist to place a patient’s prescription in an individual lock box. The patient can then retrieve it, using biometric identification at their leisure. The company says that Medbox OTC is the same basic concept except that the access is not biometric and is designed for items such as Tylenol and other toiletries.

Along with these new devices the company was able to announce that it had already managed to surpass the $5 million projected revenue mark for 2012. Medbox says that it now expects revenues to surpass $24 million by the end of 2014 and to go on past $48 million by the end of 2016.

Edited by Rich Steeves

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