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October 29, 2012

Vidyo Recognized by Frost & Sullivan

Vidyo has earned recognition from Frost & Sullivan, thanks to its applications for videoconferencing in healthcare. The company has been rewarded the “2012 North American Frost & Sullivan Customer Value Enhancement Award,” proving the innovation and quality of Vidyo’s products and services.

Videoconferencing applications have been becoming rather useful in the healthcare industry, for both connecting patients to their doctors and doctors to their colleagues.

Not one to pass on such an opportunity, Vidyo has set a strong foothold in videoconferencing applications for healthcare, providing both traditional and original applications.

Even better, the new applications for Vidyo’s video conferencing products and services are based on the company’s understanding of user needs, based on continual analysis of customer feedback.

It focuses on remote home care, retail healthcare, and intensive care, providing unique video solutions to areas that desperately need it.

As Frost & Sullivan feels Vidyo has identified and prioritized new applications for video conferencing for healthcare, it was deemed the worthiest to receive the Customer Value Enhancement Award.

"The intimate use of video conferencing in healthcare delivery has created a distinct set of needs and revenue opportunities, which require a significant level of expertise and experience to produce value to the customer," said Zachary Bujnoch, Frost & Sullivan senior industry analyst. "Vidyo has displayed a superior, consistent effort to maintain and expand its value to the customer through both established and new applications of video conferencing in healthcare."

Bujnoch added, "Retail telehealth is a highly emergent space that is trying to provide healthcare services in the very consumer-driven retail market. Vidyo collaborates with Health Spot to provide a self-sufficient kiosk that can host a complete diagnostic consultation, including video conferencing with a physician in any retail environment."

So congratulations to Vidyo, the recognition from Frost & Sullivan is well deserved. It has provided several unique and well-needed products and services for healthcare, helping the people who save lives across the world.

Edited by Braden Becker

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