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October 29, 2012

Market Forces Move to Interactive Patient Care Solutions, Adoption Sees GetWellNetwork Grow by 125 Percent

GetWellNetwork, Inc. can testify to the fact that interactive patient care (IPC) solutions’ adoption in the present day are on the rise. Following the company’s announcement that indicated that it had registered a 125-percent growth through September 2012, compared to the same opportunity window in 2011, the fact that this will definitely be another record year is enough to convince anyone on the validity of these claims.

With patient engagement becoming  business mandatory for healthcare providers, since it currently is the pedestal of recent regulatory and reimbursement changes, IPC solutions are more in demand than ever in their over 10-year stay in the market.

Patients are forcing their respective health systems to look for solutions that give the best patient satisfaction and quality in issues related to reimbursement, leaving health providers with no option but to solicit for help from IPC solution providers.

The headlong dive into patient engagement, according to Michael O’Neil, founder and CEO at GetWellNetwork, is the only market force the company needs to better its already appealing sales.

GetWellNetworks can now serve over two million patients per year, thanks to the increased demand for IPC solutions, making it the only provider to avail Patient Pathways that move higher levels of patient engagement at the point-of-care. Some of the facilities that view GetWellNetworks as a worthy IPC provider include Ann&Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, Illinois; Seattle Children’s Hospital, Seattle, Wash.;  and the Adventist Health System- Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel, Wesley Chapel, Fla.

In order to cushion the rapidly growing GetWellNetwork client base, the company has expanded its corporate leadership team. Some of the big fish hired into the growing taskforce include Beth Martinko, who joins the company to serve as the VP of client experience; and Hugo Borda, who takes the post of the VP of enterprise architecture.

With healthcare providers under pressure to conform to the shift to a value-based paradigm, they are definitely bound to turn to a provider that addresses these needs. GetWellNetwork is grateful to be in the center of this revolution.

O’Neil said, “We are honored to work with these dedicated leaders who are committed to partnering with us to make a difference every day in the lives of their patients.”

Edited by Braden Becker

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